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Let Santa Come to You!

Going to the mall to visit Santa in person is a timeless family tradition.  For many new parents, a photo of their child with the big guy is a keepsake of baby’s first Christmas.  Unfortunately, this year many young believers will not have the opportunity to hand-deliver a letter to Santa or tell him what’s on their wish list.  The Dashing Santa wants to change that with a personalized visit to your own front porch.

Socially Distanced

You and your family can still enjoy a visit with Santa in a safe, socially distanced manner from the comfort of your own home.

Create a Christmas Memory

Imagine enjoying a holiday activity, like decorating the Christmas tree with your little one.  In that moment, there is the sound of sleigh bells outside.  Your child’s eyes begin to sparkle when they hear that familiar sound.  Those recognizable, dancing tones that announce the arrival of Santa Clause. Then, there is a knock on the door, and the air outside echoes with “Ho Ho Ho!”.  The excitement builds as you and your child rush to the door or to peek out the window.  Standing outside is The Dashing Santa and his assistant, Snowflake the Winter Elf.  


Although he appreciates the gesture, due to Covid -19 and calorie concerns, he cannot accept any food.

He only accepts payment via Venmo, credit card via emailed invoice or cash.  His Venmo handle is @dashing-santa

Due to Covid-19 concerns, The Dashing Santa will not be bringing anything to hand out to the children this year.  However, if you would like your kiddo to receive a gift, ornament, or something special from Santa, we will coordinate that with you.  You must supply the gift.

No, Santa will remain outside to maintain an appropriate social distance.

Yes, Santa ALWAYS wears a mask.  He believes that this is a great teaching moment for the kiddos.

Santa will arrive with his umbrella that is illuminated with Christmas lights.

Santa will consider each invitation, please contact Santa to discuss the details of your event.

Yes – he will stop by a family gathering, but it takes extra coordination and planning.

Not this year, the last visit of the season will be Dev 17.

The average Santa Session lasts about 15 minutes.

Absolutely! It is preferred. This way to you can record your Christmas memories. You’ll go to the top of the nice list if you post your photos and videos on social media.  Be sure to tag us @thedashingsanta.

The Dashing Santa currently serves Leelanau and Grand Traverse counties. When you book your Santa Session, Santa will work with you to schedule a time that works for you.

Yes. If you would like to order a Santa Session for your grandchildren, nieces, nephews or another family, you can.  However, The Dashing Santa does not do surprise visits.  All visits will be coordinated with the parents.